LUSASMS is a complete school management system that automates every aspect of school life.

It includes useful features for school admin, teachers and parents such as online payments and school fees billing, simple but powerful report dashboards, time table and lesson planning, result compilation and so much more.

It’s the best school management system Nigeria has to offer.

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LUSASMS has a flexible termly pricing model.

Our pricing model generate income for your school via the Result Checking Scratch Cards.

We also charge an initial set-up and training fee which starts from N100,000 depending on a number of factors.

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You can use LUSASMS for free for one (1) term on a trial basis, after which you will be required to pay for a subscription plan to continue using the system.

Every school is entitled to ONLY 1 term free trial. Click here to request for demo with no obligation.

LUSASMS has numerous benefits for Teachers, School Admin and Parents.

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Yes. LUSASMS is a multi-school solution and has been used severally to manage several branches of one school, in different locations.

Yes, you can. That’s the amazing thing about LUSASMS. It is a system built for you to fully customize it’s functionality. 

For instance, if you have a different grading conditions for different class or arms, just define the conditions from the settings. 

LUSASMS is design to give you total control of the school management system.

Yes, you can transfer all records/data on to your LUSASMS software.

LUSASMS is very easy to use. If a teacher can use whatsup or can make calls with his/her phone, then he/she can use LUSASMS.

After the staff training, all staff should be able to use LUSASMS easily.

Any school administrator or major decision maker in the school is in the right position to place a request for LUSASMS on behalf of their school.

Most times, teachers do not have the decision-making power but can be a Referral of LUSASMS to a school. Stand a chance to earn 20% commission if the school sign up. Click here to Sign Up as a Referral Now.

Parents, students and alumina are most likely not suitable to request for LUSASMS, but can rather make a referral and stand the chance to earn 20% commission if the school signs up. Click here Sign Up as a Referral Now.

Yes, LUSASMS Mobile app is available for schools using the school management software.

NOTE that only staff from schools with a valid LUSASMS license can log in and make use of the mobile app.

Safety of your data stored on LUSASMS is 100% guaranteed. With de-centralized log-in access for every staff role, each staff can access information that only concerns their job role.

In addition, all of LUSASMS information is hosted on a very secure cloud service which uses network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations.

Everyone. From the class and subject teachers to your store manager, school accountant and principal, LUSASMS eases the workload of every member of your school staff.

With a robust user management system, you can define and control the access level of all staff in your school. 

LUSASMS is an online cloud-based information management system. It can be accessed from anywhere, on any internet enabled device.

We usually advice starting with LUSASMS at the beginning of a new session, to allow enrollment officers and admin a chance to start entering records from a fresh academic year.

However, a good number of schools have successfully introduced LUSASMS during the second or even third school term. It all depends on you!

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Yes. LUSASMS is built to handle any kind of complexity. The LUSASMS software  functionality is defined based on the settings feature of the software.

LUSASMS gives you total control as an educational institution.

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