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The primary goal of Lusa School Management System is to provide all sorts of administrative data pertaining to a school at the reach of your hands.

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Lusa SMS

We use unique, custom-built tools to give you the edge

LusaSMS is known for its spotless structure and design and for its resourceful competence.

LusaSMS ERP, a School Management Software, specifically designed and developed to simplify the process of educational institutions meets with all the technological and administrative requirements of schools.

The many tools enable proper workflow in different departments leaving no room for errors with a view to encourage and make positive difference in students.

LusaSMS provides complete automation of all the activities of school administration and achieves the vision of paperless administration.

  • Unlimited number of users with separate Interface & logins for staff, students & parents.
  • Paperless management of financial accounting and Complete automation of staff administration.
  • The complex task of Report card generation is an extremely easy work with School ERP Suite.
  • Automates the fee management process completely and Zero redundancy in managing the institutions records.
  • Generate and save student’s timetable taking into account the subjects and teachers

It improves the overall efficiency of your institution and will eliminate all sorts of manual errors and ignorance.

  • Online/offline data sync: enable users to access, store, edit and save academic data locally even without internet connection.
  • Manage the results of the school students and keep a record of results of the students throughout the year.
  • Multiple users enabled and activities are categorized between them.
  • Simplified mark, self-awareness, health status & remarks entry.
  • Optimizes the admission process, attendance & leave.

LusaSMS with its integrated management system that includes data on staff, materials, budgeting for faculty and a lot of management activities helps to accomplish your institute goals.

  • Proper financial planning and budget preparation.
  • The complex task of Report card generation is an extremely easy work with School ERP Suite.
  • Preparation of Annual Confidential Report.
  • Provides a means to automatically prepare all certificates (TC , Provisional etc).
  • Maintenance of an accurate attendance register of students and staffs.
  • Manage all the details of staff members along with their personal, login, educational details and other details.

The electronic processing of LusaSMS takes a very little time in entering the data and at the same time to update it. One of the best features of this school management software solution is that the database that is being entered will be available anytime, either online or offline.

  • Single database for data integrity and easy maintenance.
  • Built in database backup and multi level password protection for added security.
  • Software utility features mentioning the number of parent login/ student login in the last 48 hours, etc.
  • Maintains consistent and efficient management through proper functioning.
  • Effective communication between teachers, parents and students.

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Lusa SMS Benefit

Smooth and Uniform Running of a School, Colleges or Higher Institution.

Smooth and uniform running of a school is a real challenge for all administrative staff. It involves integrating many aspects like admission, attendance, timetables, exam scheduling, fee collection, staff administration, student housing etc.

The Lusaworks software and R&D team works together with school administrators, staff and students to bring you Lusaworks Lusa School Management System (LusaSMS), the 24-module comprehensive full service school management package that includes all the elements that are necessary for any school. With the 24 modules, LusaSMS provides integrated solutions in the various facets of daily transactions with real-time operational visibility across the school academic activities.

The user-friendly, versatile, futuristic and fully customizable nature of LusaSMS makes it appealing to school administrators, students and parents.

  • Single point school management system.
  • Minimizes data redundancy through single database.
  • Time saving communication among the management, staff and parents.
  • Integrated application with smart card/barcode/RFID card.
  • Global outlook and exposure for the school and its constituents.
  • Paperless transaction in overall management processes.
  • Immediate data retrieval through customizable reports.
  • Compatible on LAN and Internet.
  • Fully automated staff and student administration.
  • Staff evaluation through online polls
  • Complete attendance administration.
  • Post assignments and notes/lessons on school online portal.
  • Automated timetable scheduling and exam management.
  • Online exam evaluation and assessment.
  • Attendance tracking using Barcode/RFID card.
  • Transparent Leave/loan application.
  • Successful and effective communication with parents.
  • Online feedback from parents and students through polls.
  • Online question bank and question paper creation
  • Online application for admission.
  • SMS/email alerts regarding application and admission status.
  • Download assignments and lesson notes posted by faculty.
  • Write exams online.
  • Smooth access of exams & assignment results online.
  • SMS/email reminders for fees and library media that are due.
  • Staff performance evaluation through opinion polls
  • Online forum participation to express student’s views
  • Online collaboration on projects with other students.
  • Access library OPAC search to browse library contents.
  • Fully functional e-mail on school website with POP access.
  • Exam timetables, event schedules and results posted on school website and sent via SMS/email.
  • Multiple student access for parents with more than one child at the school.
  • Instant SMS notification on student’s absence from the school.
  • SMS/email alerts on fee due reminders and fees paid.
  • View assignments set and continuous evaluation marks awarded.
  • Access disciplinary actions and medical record of the student.
  • View syllabus, notice board, exam schedules and holiday settings online.
  • SMS/email alerts on exam/event results.
  • Active participation in discussion forums and opinion polls.
  • Get regular updates through e-news, image gallery, news letters etc

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Advantages of LusaSMS

With the use of Lusa School Management System, we assure a positive change in the milieu of school administration and this easy-to-use technology solution will help you confront the challenges and better the way schools are managed and their functions are taken care of.

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lusaSMS teacher user
  • User-friendly: Easy to use tools and self-explanatory screen with evident data-flow and that assists the user for quick processing.
  • Efficient Decision Making: Enable easy decision making for the management with multiple report generation capability.
  • Safe& Secure: Facilitates secure data management and speedy retrieval of information.
  • Real Time Reports: Many types of real time reports can be generated from LusaSMS anytime during academic year.
  • Reduced Workload: The tools and techniques provided by LusaSMS detect the problems of administrative department and resolve them easily.
  • Better Control: LusaSMS is designed to enforce better management strategies to have better control on all functions, integrating all functions including accounts, inventory, student’s channels, etc. under one wing.
  • Time Saving: LusaSMS helps in effective running and functioning of the school saving a lot of time spend on the human resource department, school assets management and many more.
  • Customizable and Measurable: LusaSMS delivers endless customization to suite your institute requirements and is measurable to match the progress of the school
  • Affordable Pricing: Lusaworks offers one of the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and highest Return on Investment (ROI). Our solutions and services will be affordable for schools of any magnitude.
  • Broader Scheme of Services: We offer installation, support, customization, implementation, integration, hosting and training services. It is an end-to–end solution to all your school administration problems.
lusaSMS Responsivity

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Essential Modules

  • Admission Management Suite
  • Fee Management Suite
  • Student Information Suite
  • Workforce Information Suite
  • Timetable Management Suite
  • Attendance Management Suite
  • Classroom Management & eLeaning
  • Examination, Grading & Report Card
  • Front Office Management
  • SMS Alert & Parent-Teacher Communication

Add-on Modules

  • Library Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Financial Accounting
  • Hostel Management
  • Online Examination
  • Staff Evaluation
  • Alumni Management
  • Grievance Redressal System
  • Conveyance Management & Tracking

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